How does voltage drop works?

So i want to electrify my Base, build magnalium gas turbine and a big dynamo.

Tho i dont know exactly what does 1 eu/Block means, like if i have a 64 Block long cable and a 64eu/t battery box does that mean that there will be no power going through?


correct, it will end up at zero volt at the end of that line.


You’ll want to use a transformer to send larger voltage packages, 2x 64 to 128 for example then you only lose half by the time it arrives.


This is hurting my brain :dizzy_face: is there any examples of wiring for mv please?


OK going off the top of my head here so I might be off a bit.

So you need to think of EU as packets of energy, same with torque (RU) actually,
You generate them in sized packets depending on your generation method, 16EU 48EU 64EU that kind of stuff, they travel to a device that uses them on wires, or you can put the device directly next to the generator for no power loss, 64EU out, 64EU in.
Evey block they pass through that isn’t using the energy you will lose EU, dictated by the wire and if its insulated in rubber I believe.

Now packets of EU, or RU can be combined into bigger packets. so with a transformer if you attach two batteries to two of its input sides, it’ll combine the two EU packets into a bigger packet that comes out of its output side, that means devices will receive the bigger packet all at once if you put it next to the transformer, or, you can run wire and will have a packet of EU that can travel longer distances before running out.
RU uses gearboxes rather than transformers but the concept is similar.

You can also reverse this and split larger packets of EU into smaller packets, think of it as a bus of people and they come out in little equal groups.


So its like irl ill have to make a high voltage power line for long distance? Cool!

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Do i get it right? If i have 3 LV electrolyzers 32 blocks away from power storage, they need 3 packets of their rated voltage of 32eu/t so i have to send 1 packets of 128 eu/t, transformer it into 32eu/t and ill have 3 packets of 32eu/t and the fourth one is gone in losses?

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I found this info:

Loss is the amount of EU that is subtracted from each packet passing through a length, 1 block, of cable. Because this amount is applied to each packet and not the full quantity of energy, the amperage of a cable/wire will not reduce the overall amount of loss.

E.g., 4 packets of ULV voltage traveling through a 4x tin wire is:

4 packets * (8 EU/p - 4 loss/p) = 16 EU

If its applicable to the gt6 (its gtce wiki)
Then i guess its never a good idea to run low voltage+high current cable unless nessecery as loss will be subtracted from each packets.
Double the current Double the loss i guess?

If thats so then my example with electrolyzers are wrong and i will have 4 packets of 24 eu/t from the 128 to 32 transformer. Will they combine? I guess one will get 2 packets of 24 while other will only get 1 packet each

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MAYBE (i dont know how it works) the transformer is not dividing the rated voltage?

If it “packages” the actuall voltage that comes in in packets e.g. 96 eu/t comes in and it packs them by 32 so 96eu / 32eu per packet = 3 amps or packets of 32 eu/t

If thats the case im happy :slight_smile:

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