How do you automate Steam generation and consumption?

As far as I can tell, there is no way to get the amount of Steam in a Machine with redstone or otherwise, meaning you seemingly cannot automate Steam production or Steam consumption, as it is required to turn off Steam production in the event that either the Steam consumption’s or the Steam production’s Steam pressure is too high, otherwise either the production or the consumption explodes.


Gibbl-O-Meter measures Pressure in Boilers with Redstone. Burning Boxes can be shut off by putting a solid Block in front of them. Pistons can move Solid Blocks.


Ah. Why is that not named sensibly? I would expect it to be named “pressure meter” or similar… Doing stuff like that makes it effectively impossible to look for stuff.


Yeah, that was an IC2 Joke Unit of Measurement, you could probably also use the Bucket-O-Meter if it actually does count the Steam AND the Water, but not sure.

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Don’t forget,there are brass safety valves you can put on a pipe. They reliably prevent steam explosions from overpressure upstream of the boiler.