How do Bumblebees work?

I find it interesting that gregtech 6 also had similar things from forestry with own way

I really like it kind of looking the same but different way to understand

I real tried to understand it mechanic
I understood how bumblealany work,how to setup them, different with normal and advance version.

Thank to bear den’s video,it helped me but still not enough info to understand.

Ex. how cross breeding work?,what is offspring?,how to increase more bumble?,how to made better production?

He actually said in video there is person who understands them more


You have a Princess and a Drone, you can combine the two to crossbreed them. Just use a different Drone with that Princess, once you reach the 4th Tier of those Bumbles.

I am not sure what the other questions exactly mean because you did not word it precise enough.


So does both of the drone and princess need to be familiar stats?( Ex. Temperature and humidity)

what is it tiers? This is first time I heard it

Also offspring is one of stats I see in the scanned bumble,I still had no idea what offspring mean?

Edit: Also is there more factor for the bumble to die other than temperature and humidity?


Tiers are the 4 levels a type of bumblebee breed can advance to maximize output, and once it reaches its maximum it is able to breed with drones from another tier 4 bumblebee to make a whole new type.

Offspring = How many Babies a Bumblebee produces. Basically Fertility.


Bumblebees only die from Temperature, Humidity and if you put Underground Bumblebees on the Surface or Surface Bumblebees Underground.

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What do we use to scan them before we have the circuit based bee analyzer?


You have to infer and memorize their stats based on the real scientific process. :wink:

These Bumbles only exist as a proof of concept and as a way to get Honey and Wax in general, which you dont need much skill for.

But if you can deal with them well enough, you can actually do things similar to the more advanced Forestry Bees.

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So in order to increase more bumble

  • You need to put both bumble drone and princess in the two pink slots.
  • it had a chance to produce higher tier bumble if you put the same species bumble.
  • If you had tier 4 bumble, You can use it to cross breeding with other species with tier 4,
    No matter if it drone or princess,it will be the same results of hybrid species.

I’m I understood it right?


Yeah the resulting offspring will be a mix between the drone and the princess that have been used to make the queen.

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