How can I evenly split items

I’m using multiple coke ovens for oil shales, and I want those input items evenly distributed into all the machines, what is the best way to do it? p.s. I know there are solutions using minecart but I don’t want to use entities for their poor reliability.


For this I would recommend just filling them all with an Item Pipe without worrying about even split, and even more importantly, Coke Ovens if they ever have an input shortage will turn off and you will need to reignite them, so filling them from left to right might actually be a better solution for this.

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Guess you’re right. But I’m also looking for a general answer for this, it would be useful elsewhere anyway.


I hate to say it but I don’t think GregTech alone can do it except through lots of Redstone, so here is some hints that might be useful for that:

Tell the Hopper to output divisibles of 2 (just whack it with some tools or something, lol), then whatever you get at the destination will be easily splittable.

An Item Pipe will send Items to adjacent TileEntities via RNG, unsure how good that is for splitting. Note that I mean one singular Item Pipe Block, not a whole length of them.