HBM Nuclear tech: how to input things into crucible?

I tried GT6 hoppers, conveyor belts, dropping items into crucible by hand - nothing worked. Only putting 9 stacks (max stack size is 1) by hand into crucible’s inventory. Malachite dust blocks aren’t even accepted, just dusts.


So you mean @TheBobcat s Crucibles right?

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Yes. Title wasn’t clear enough, I guess.


You should be able to just throw them in from the top, although there’s apparently an issue with mincraft’s fantastic collisions that often catapults the items out of the crucible on servers. To combat this I wanted to add hopper compatibility but forgor :skull:

As for why malachite dust blocks don’t work at all, it’s probably because NTM doesn’t directly use GT6’s material system and instead works off of a small list of OD prefixes (with some GT6 compat slapped on top), and there’s no prefix for dust blocks. If you have some prefixes that would be useful, let me know.


blockDustMalachite = 9 Dusts of Malachite in a Block
blockGemMalachite = 9 Gems of Malachite in a Block
blockIngotMalachite = 9 Ingots of uhhh wait a second Malachite smelts into Copper, so this does not exist. XD

Generally when using things like “blockMalachite” GT6 has a small list of Materials to determine whether its Ingots, Gems or Dusts, and re-registers it accordingly if possible.

As for catapulting Items out of the thing, it does that Clientside too, whenever an Item is submerged in a certain type of Block it will go straight upwards (and towards a closeby open space), people use that mechanic for Item elevators in Vanilla.


whenever an Item is submerged in a certain type of Block it will go straight upwards

That’s something I fixed on accident. I don’t know why and I don’t want to know why, but overriding setBlockBoundsBasedOnState and using a maxY value of anything smaller than 1 (even if it’s 0.999) makes it work. You can’t throw an item into a vanilla cauldron or even on lower stairs, but you can throw them on slabs because of this.


AH that is why it doesn’t work serverside! setBlockBoundsBasedOnState is clientside only for rendering! Set the maxY serverside too and that should fix it.


But it works on clients, despite them running an internal server that determines the actual entity position?

Set the maxY serverside too and that should fix it.

Oh thanks I’ll definitely try that!


Yeah because Clients share some of their RAM shit with the server, you can probably set maxY in the Blocks Constructor too that should work easily and you dont need to call it a ton.

Just make sure the Client Renderer doesnt decide to UNSET it, otherwise you will get the reverse issue, lol.


huzza, blockDust, blockGem and blockIngot are now accepted material prefixes

and we have proper hopper IO too, meaning it should also work with thermal ducts and GT pipes


now make it work with every material in the GT6 database /s


Another thing I’ve noticed is that GT6 calcite has the alternative OD suffix “Flux” which means that it is actually compatible with the NTM hematite->iron recipe. Neat.


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