HBM Black lungs

I wanted to get closer to the barrel, that leaks radiation. So I wanted to make some radaway. I had everything I needed for 8 radaway, except 8 pumpkin seeds. So I went exploring to find 2 pumpkins. At one moment I started caughing (later even caughing blood), getting debuffs, like weakness, slowness, nausea. It took a while until I realized, that it’s Black Lung disease, caused by 8 coal dust I was carrying (radaway ingredient).
I somehow reached my tunnel entrance and walked back to my base, nauseating all the time (like drunk). Black lung heals itself over time only if it has progressed less than 25%. Debuffs start much later… So I need to make “SiOX Cancer Medication”…
That’s somewhat tough. Coal dust, Asbestos dust, bismuth nugget for 8 doses.
Coal dust I have.
Bismuth. I remember finding small bismuth in mountains (near another tunnel entrance). In short, I went there and mined it. Nauseating.
Asbestos… it’s just chrysolite. I have it in ores chest. I’ll just wash it in a cauldron, then mortar it into dust. Oops, not mortarable. I’ll need to make centrifuge and diesel generator to get asbestos dust from purified asbestos… (Only after crafting centrifuge I realized I need shredder. It’s good to have double diamonds…) So I also crafted shredder. I had only to make gear mold (no chiselling required for ceramic molds. Thank you, Greg) and 5 bronze gears (with crucible). Oh, wait. At first I made 4 bronze drums, harvested 48 sugar cane and sealed sugar cane juice in those drums (juice from 12 sugar canes for each). Only then I started crafting machines.
Eventually I had ready shredder, waited a little for rum to ferment, shredded asbestos, crafted SiOX and healed myself. That was fun!


Hahaha, nice one! Though I feel like Asbestos is a Material that should be mortarable, since I am pretty sure it is easy to turn into Dust by accident.

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If only those debuffs persistent after death? ^.^;
(they don’t I hear)

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Hardcore Mode exists for a reason :wink:

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I don’t play hardcore. But still, suicide is not an option (not fun).