HarvestCraft-Binnies mods-Gregtech

Hello everyone. The compatibility of Binnie mods and HarvestCraft has been announced on the Gregtech download page. My question is: which of these mods will be dominant if all there are present? For example, bananas can be obtained through Gregtech selection, Bunnies mode selection and simply using the HarvestCraft tree. Does Greg’s configuration file disable the generation of such trees from HarvestCraft? Does Greg’s configuration file disable selection in Bunnies mods? Of course, if there are the same fruits / berries/ vegetables. At what level is compatibility?


GregTech does not disable the actual Trees or Crops of these Mods, neither in the Default-Config-Pack nor the Mod itself.

Foods that are not in Ingot Form also wont be unified, so you can end up with multiple types of the same Fruit just fine.

And OreDict works fine for the crops of those two Mods.