GT6 Periodic Table

GT6 Periodic Table

Yes, I made a periodic table of elements with the textures of various elements in GT6.
Generally speaking, fluid-state elementary substances (such as hydrogen and mercury) are made of their fluid texture, ingot-state elements are made of ingot texture, and dust texture are used if not. Atomic number and element symbols are marked on the upper left and upper right of the icon respectively, using the default font (I did not find a font similar to minecraft… ) With the size of 12px (except actinides, because the lattices are too small), the colours except mercury are white (black words are used for more obvious mercury). Like the most common periodic tables, lanthanides and actinides are listed separately below the periodic tables to prevent the tables from being too long.


I don’t see adamantium. :grin:

Nice work by the way.


I don’t know the atomic number of naquadah and adamantium… If neutronium were added later, they would not appear in this table because they did not have protons.
Also, I find that many elements are useless… Like most rare earth elements and elements after plutonium, they mostly use the texture of the vanilla iron ingot and cannot be obtained.


Think of is as an open beta, we’ll have them all in time.

As for the atomic numbers, they would probably exist in the island of stability a little but up the list at around 114 I believe if I remember rightly.


Yeah I cant give every Element a use or obtainability if its not used. I dont think I will 100% the Table in GT6, but I will likely do so for my own Game once I get to start it next year. ^^


Maybe they can be obtained by nuclear fusion, but they are useless. Their plasma can be used to generate electricity…
In addition, must the plasma be transported through the adamantium pipe? They are too difficult to obtain. Maybe a special pipe for plasma transport like GT5 should be added in the future.


I think we still need a nuclear reactor to produce neutrons and an accelerator to get high energy particles.Because the radioactive elements,especially the elements after Cf,have little effect on game.It can become milestones in players’ development route to show the level of development in late game.And the U Pu,Am,Cf is useful in nuclear weapon,nuclear fuel (including proliferation) and RTG(Radioisotope Temperature difference Generator).We mainly get these elements via the nuclear reactors and accelerators. :wink:


I like how the atomic number is being used as part of the meta-id number. Thus we know Adamantium is 222, and Naquadah 174.
Although using the blank ingot may be easier for default useless / Not Yet Implemented elements; I would prefer they only had dusts as having an ingot implies a positive material trait in my understanding of the world.
Were I to make such a table, I’d list Neutral Plasma as the default state of neutronium / element 0; though I agree it doesn’t really fit on the table at all.

BTW, I have debated adding such a template to the wiki in parrallel to or augmenting the MineChem periodic table to organize the elemental material pages.