GT6 Modular Armor

GT5u had modular armor. Why not having it in GT6?
1)Steam armor, crafted from bronze plates/pipes/etc
2)2 or 3 tiers of electric armor, crafted with circuits and glavanized steel/titanium/tungsten steel
3)Armors have slots for modules.
A.Power source. Goes to chest plate. Without power, you are slowed. Steam is generated with a boiler and burning box (takes fuel from inventory). Electricity is taken grom a battery (max tier of battery is limited by the armor tier).
B.Drums, Inserted into chestplates, give additional air underwater. They refill automatically when you aren’t underwater. Electrolyzer - infinite air, but takes power.
C.Pistons (vanilla for steam and electric for electric armor). Inserted into boots, give jump boost. Effect is stacked (2 LV pistons is an MV piston, but takes 2 slots) but has a maximum.
D.Robo arms (electric only), give haste and strength when in chestplate
E.Motors (electric only), give speed boost, inserted into leggings
F.Drain reffills steam armor, inserted into boots
G.Solar panel slowly generates power, works if a solar panel block can work. Inserted into helmet
H.Cable, inserted into chestplate, charges electric tools in hotbar (uses power from chestplate).
I.Lasers. Inserted into helmet. Ranged weapon, but uses much power. Damage stacks.
J.Circuits, processors and quad processors. Used to control things that use power. Each armor can control 2 modules with no circuits. Tier X circuit controls X modules, processors control 10 modules, quad processors control 40 modules (which is actually infinite).


And btw, if your steam armor has a hot boiler with no water and you pump water into it, it disappears and then explodes.


Yeah it was one of the things that kinda got procrastinated to death, that’s why GT6 barely has any Armor.

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I remember adding this thing to gt5, but it seems that it was abandoned before it was finished, and it was not completed in the unofficial version.