GT6 Modpack: Devouring Darkness 2 - Announcements thread

I’m publishing the latest of my hard horror themed modpacks, the sequel to Devouring Darkness, Devouring Darkness 2: Help Zombies Ate My Face.

This is a high difficulty pack. Food has been buffed, monsters remain a persistent threat, and several mods have been balanced to fit the pack better. Night is still black as my heart.

The pack is distributed as a ZIP file to be used with MultiMC. To update requires making a new instance. Be sure to copy over your options, saves and map markers.

New server is up July 5! Same rules apply as the prior DD server, it will remain online until no one logs in for 90 days. The prior DD server is still online in parallel.

Mod highlights:

  • Gregtech 6
  • Botania, now integrated with recipes for GT6
  • Harvestcraft, Spice of Life, and Hunger Overhaul tuned for high difficulty. More relaxed food history than before.
  • Zombie Awareness for omniscient foes and that unique eat your face off feeling.
  • Special AI for active mob griefing behaviors. Don’t let your mine become a spawner…
  • Common utility mods (ie: Random Things, Openblocks, Extra Utilities)
  • Opencomputers on easy mode for EARLY game automation!
  • Buildcraft (machines only, yes there’s a quarry)
  • Railcraft
  • Gregtech Weapons Works for that shotgun fun!
  • IC2 for Quantum Armor
  • Twilight Forest (admin portal only)
  • Netherlicious and NetherPlus for all new Nether experience
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion to mix up the End
  • Galacticraft, to the moon Alice!

Download the latest ZIP at:

You’ll find a player’s guide and the news file with all the changes at the site.

I’ve posted resource packs from two of our players with improved graphics and some hand drawn additions.

Please use the discussion thread for discussion so I can keep this thread clean for news about the pack.

Remember in MultiMC upgrading makes a new game instance. Be sure to copy over your options, saves, NEI and Journeymap data.


  • 492 - Fixed Enderchest recipe
  • 489 - Fixed ChickenCoreLib
  • 488 - Updated NEI and ChickenCore from GTNH to fix missing recipes
  • 484 - Servers.dat updated, server online
  • 481 - Play testing before creating new server.
  • 476 - Fixed OpenComputers to easier recipes and replaced circuits. No longer requires GT circuits so computers/robots can be used early game.
  • 474 - Disabled relics in Botania as they are OP. Added recipes for Eye of Flugel (unlimited flight) and the Fruit of Grisaia (unlimited food) requiring late game GT inputs.
  • 472 - Updated Manasteel to use Stainless steel, and Mana Diamonds to use Flawless Diamonds. Mana costs increased.
  • 471 - Removed Botania Loonium (unlimited dungeon loot), and Orechid (unlimited ores) for balance
  • 465 - Tweaked BoP to reduce large oceans, now 70% land
  • 458 - Updated Enderchest and tank recipes to use GT inputs (server performance, expensive recipe)
  • 454 - Reduce food history from 50 to 30, meaning you can eat the same thing again sooner, lower repetition penalty.
  • 450 - Added BC Floodgate.

Known issues:


I wanted to note that I’m deploying a pack and server because the existing DD server has been online nearly 2 years, and is pretty fully explored. I’m concerned about breaking changes with worldgen, so it is a better idea to startup a new one.