GT6 Iron Anvil that isn't the normal anvil

Currently, when taking durability into account, the anvils that are available once you get into metals is Lead at 80, Bronze at 100, Symorite at 200, Ironwood at 750, and then steel at 1000. I suggest putting in an iron anvil that is a GT6 anvil with durability at 500, since if you don’t have the Inbetweenlands mod or the Twilight forest mod, you can disregard the Symorite and the Ironwood anvils and the durability jump is from Bronze at 100 to Steel at 1000, which at low levels seems to be kind of an absurd jump and barrier.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


Wait people actually make Iron Stuff and dont directly go to Steel?


I would if there was a damn iron anvil! I just got to steel after breaking 923845729034587230984572065492852 bronze anvils.


I used granite anvils before steel ones, they have ten times less durability than bronze anvils :coffin: Next time my steel anvil will break, I guess I will make an iridium one.


I don’t believe it.