GT oilsand and methane ice

(I guess you’ll throw these things into the todo list and forget them, hoping that your mental state will return to 6.14.06. After all, you added world generation.)

GT may be able to add its own oilsand, just like other mods, which are generated in the desert, so that players who are not lucky enough to find oil near the bedrock can have oil. The texture should be different from black sand to prevent confusion.Although it is not particularly necessary to have oil shale, it is at least true (after all, this material is added)

As mentioned before, methane ice is formed under the snow tundra. It’s similar to the original ice, but it won’t melt (otherwise it can’t be collected). Because it’s ice, it can’t be processed like ordinary minerals, but it can be directly ground and centrifuged.

I hope I can join in as soon as possible instead of leaving it in the todo list all the time. You’ve been delaying for too long. Besides, I’ve finished the exam, and I don’t know if I’ve passed the exam even though I haven’t got the result yet.


In case you didn’t notice me saying that, but I did say I kindof try to avoid adding more stuff to GT6. Also 6.14.06 was a Bugfix, you probably meant a different Version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now it is more about optimizing some Stuff that was slightly laggy, of which a lot of things have been done by now and it might be ready for Release soon.

As for Oilsands, I decided against those and instead went for Oilshale.

With Methane Ice, well that was already on the old TODO List before I mostly stopped GT6.

Also even if unrelated to anything productive, I do actually get Stuff done that I want to get done. :wink:

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Well, although you don’t want to add too much to gt6, you can see that you have added the miniportal of Aroma1997 mining dimension, so can you add the miniportal of four dimensions of abyssalcraft?