GT: New Horizons - A Beginner's Guide

GT: New Horizons - A Beginner's Guide

It has been suggested to me that I make a guide on the GT: New Horizons modpack, as I have a good amount of knowledge of the pack and quite a bit of experience playing it. It has also been suggested that I post such a guide in this subreddit, so that is what I am doing.

To preface, for those unfamiliar with the modpack, GT: New Horizons is a Gregtech-focused modpack which is in fairly-constant development for Minecraft version 1.7.10. It’s monstrously-challenging (partly on account of every recipe being “greggified”, and partly because almost every mob in the game can kill you through full steel armour as if you weren’t wearing it), but also incredibly enjoyable for people who like the complexity of Gregtech and also appreciate mod interactions (of which there are many).

As for my guide to the modpack, here is my intention. I want to cover just about everything that can be done in the pack, including what I believe are good options to use when there are several different options for progression, as well as what I personally consider the ideal order of priority for doing things, as sometimes it is not obvious what to do when. The guide will be assembled gradually in tandem with my current newly-started survival playthrough of GT: New Horizons, and I am familiar enough with the gameplay by now to not miss anything significant (although please keep in mind that if the modpack updates it will take me some time to update the relevant sections of the guide).

I am also willing to make smaller tutorials or explanations for specific questions people may ask before I get to answering them in the main guide (such as “how do I find enough aluminium for starting MV?” or “what’s the best way to produce polyethylene at the LV tier?”, which I imagine are common questions).

Due to the apparent nature of Reddit, as much as I have observed thus far, I suspect that creating such a large and detailed guide would be difficult if done in the replies to this post. So I will instead be composing the guide itself in a series of publically-accessible Google documents, which can be found through the following links: docsbay**.net**/gt-new-horizons-beginner-s-guide


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