GT metal doors?

Just a small idea:
Some mods will add doors made of the metal they add, such as The Betweenlands, Ender IO, etc. (damn it, why didn’t a large number of technology mods think of this?). Therefore, I just want to add some metal doors like the vanilla iron doors. In addition to hardness and explosion resistance, they have the same functions as the vanillal iron doors. Maybe they will have some different textures instead of the vanilla iron doors that just change color. In addition, trapdoors is also OK.

PS:I found a fucks bug that caused infinite iron replication when melting the vanilla iron door in TE4 induction smelter…


Adding more Metal Doors in GT6? Not gonna do that, but easy enough for someone to write a Mod for it. :wink:

And damnit, I need to fix that Induction Smelter Recipe dont I…

Also why a “fucks bug”? Translation Error? XD


So I noticed a lot of other Mods recycle Iron Doors too, so I had to change the Recipe back to 6 Units worth instead of 2.