GregTech Tool Box

There are so many kinds of tools in GT that sometimes when you want to do something, you need to run back and take out the tools, which is very troublesome, but you can’t carry a lot of tools with you at any time, because it takes up too much space, so it’s necessary to add a portable toolbox (it seems that there was this plan a long time ago, and I don’t know why it wasn’t implemented).
IC2 adds a toolbox, but many players complain that it is not easy to use, because it has annoying bugs, such as things sometimes fall out and copy items, so most people regard it as the material of crafting metal former (I don’t know why we need it to make this), and the space is too small for the huge variety of GT tools, so, A 15 or 18 slot portable toolbox is a good idea.


Uh, doesn’t the Pocket Multitool exist to alleviate this Issue? Along with the ability to not need a Sword if you just have another Tool on you.

And due to the nature of how Inventories within Inventories work in Minecraft, I will not add more of that kind of thing, especially because of World Corruption Issues.

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I have Iron Backpacks mod installed, and one of the nice things is you can place a backpack “on your back” where it isn’t in your inventory. Instead you use a separate hotkey to access the backpack contents. I keep all kinds of tools in there for exactly this reason.