GregTech is loading... GIF


Would you be surprised that I would have done something similar to that, if I would know how to replace that darn forge anvil on the loading screen? XD

Also fun fact, whoever made that ORIGINAL Forge Anvil Art made it so it flips you off with a middle finger. Later apparently that got found out, and they made sure it doesn’t do that anymore, while still keeping the overall GIF.

Just grab some older Forge Version if you want to see it. I think it was the earlier 1.7.10 Builds of Forge. The up to date ones of 1.7.10 aren’t affected by this hilarious thing anymore.


Which builds? The ones I’m trying to use to find this hilarious thing either don’t work or don’t have it.


It is ONE frame of the GIF and the middle finger is halfway not there. But it was visible in the “lighting” inside the anvil part of the icon.

Edit: MinecraftForge/forge.gif at 1.7.10 · MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge · GitHub

Seems like they didn’t actually change it, it was mostly the differently configured Gamma from me switching to Linux a few years ago that made it harder to see for me. It is still there.

Edit 2: Okay I just tried to replace it within GT6, but it did not load my Version, so I am certain I cannot change it easily without lots of hacking and potential ASM fuckery.


As I recall it has a special resource pack loader or something like that, no ASM needed, but designed to be replaced by modpacks or so.