Gregtech 5 unofficial vs Gregtech 6

Gregtech 5 unofficial vs Gregtech 6

Due to not being able to find any comparison of current versions I’ll ask it here.
Which version of gt (gt5 unofficial or gt6) is more complete and prefferable in 2019? When I last played in 2017 gt5u was the only version to have more or less late game recepies but no fusion. Now I want to make another attempt on getting to fusion reactor but have no clue which version to use.


The complexity of gregtech 6 is far greater than gt5u at this point but energy production specifically is the weakest point of gt6 by a mile. Your options include burning fossil fuels or producing absurd numbers of solar panels. If you go the fossil fuel path you’ll be using absurd amounts of coal or oil or both and you’ll need to sustain this probably through automated tree farms from other mods. The efficiency of fossil fuel systems is horrible if you want to actually store the energy you need to first convert HU -> Steam (100%) -> RU (through turbine 66.66% efficient) -> EU (68.75% efficient through electric dynamo). Of course whenever you need to use your stored up energy for many of the conventional machines that don’t require EU you will need to use an adapter between EU -> RU/KU/LU/MU/HU all of which have 50% loss. In total if you dont use the energy produced by the turbines immediately (which btw you wont be able to use for anything else than RU machines) and want to store it and convert it back at will this will have an efficiency of at most 25% not account for eventual loss that you will have in wires transporting the power. Alternative to fossil fuels is currently: solar panels. Solar panels are capped at 8EU/t (for refference the highest tier multi blocks can consume 4k GU/t and lowest tier machines consume 16GU/t) the efficiency of a solar panel system is extremely dependant on your ability to transform the voltage up immediately after leaving the solar panel as 1EU/cable loss is the lowest possible regardless of voltage/packet size. The disadvantage of solar panels is the infrastructure required to both produce them and harvest the power they produce but in my opinion its the most viable solution if you dont have infinite supply of fossil fuels otherwise go nuts i suppose. In terms of early game the way to power machines is materially expensive much more so than gt5, due to the nature of how machines in gt6 themselves automatically consume power if given the opportunity even when they have no possible work. This means that simply putting machines on a straight line and have one power supply connected to all of them it is highly reccomended to supply each machine individually even in early game. The general setup is Appropriate tier of burning box -> appropriate tier of steam boiler -> appropriate tier of appropriate adapter (steam -> RU/KU etc.) -> appropriate tier of machine. Don’t try to connect multiple adapters to the same steam supply even if you think the math works out it is highly unreliable and tricky to make work properly and you wont be able to control what uses power by any other means than simply switching pipe directions which could lead to problems of its own.

So in all if you want any other way of powering your machines in the current state of GT6 you will need to import mods that have reactors or whatever you fancy which produce redstone flux and then you can convert that RF to EU and so forth.

Disclaimer: haven’t personally tried to use RF to EU systems so I don’t know if they actually work but the Flux Motors ( RF -> RU ) have in-game recipes so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work and it certainly works the other way around through Flux Dynamos (EU -> RF).


Thank you! I wil definetely try gt6 to test that myself even though i hoped to see some sort of nuclear power or other sources of energy in gregtech one fine day.




For the putting Machines in a Row part, there is Covers that make them consume power only when needed, dont forget those. :wink:

As for Fossil Fuels, I intentionally made them have insanely high Fuel Values so the “waste” isn’t that wasteful. And because the Fuel Values of RF Mods are ridiculous, so what better way to make them less OP by just upping the general Power Consumption to fix it and make RF Mods more “balanced”.

The RF Converters all work ofcourse. They are ofcourse just as wasteful as the Electric ones.

And yes Nuclear Power will come. ^^


About the covers i was talking about early game when advising against that and they require aluminium and circuits and lets not forget to mention that for any machine that isn’t EU you need to make a redstone machine switch (to shut off the adapter) and an activity detector. Even in lategame i would advise against this, speaking from experience because you will be unable to control the power consumption of each individual machine without buffers attached to them and it can be hard to account for loss in wires etc. IE. if you put machines on the same line you need to be prepared to output the maximum capactiy of each of your adapters otherwise you will have occasional machines breaks which for some machines is catastrophic (crystallisation crucible for instance highly reccomend having buffers here).


Wait the Crystallization Crucible has a catastrophic Failure Mode? Its a heat powered Machine isn’t it? Those dont really explode unless you do dumb Stuff, at least the Basic Machines dont, Boilers and Crucibles do ofcourse.

And yeah, one reason the whole RU and HU Stuff is so complicated is to make using EU more attractive even if its less Efficient, while also giving a good way to make things more Power Efficient by NOT converting the Power.


Nono not catastrophic failure as in explosion just the machine stops working mid progress and resets its progress like any machine does. It’s catastrophic in the sense that the process takes between 60 minutes and 9 hours depending on the dust size in the cheapest version of the machine so if the process resets every say 6 minutes it will never complete operation.


I know this is kind of late but in my opinion i think GT6 is the more rewarding version to play and now with 12.00 being finally feature complete. The tech tree is also much more complex and the crucible mechanics are so rewarding once you figure out how to get your first ingots or get more higher Tier machines. But its kind of hard for newcomers thats when i would recommend GT5u.

In the case of useful mechanics i think GT6 also is better (love me some covers).

Edit: Just to be clear i enjoy both and each have their individual strengths! :wink:

TL;DR: Try GT5u if you are new. Otherweise give GT6 a try but beware that there aren’t many Tutorials!