Gregtania 6 - Botania Skyblock mode for GT6

Gregtania 6 - Botania Skyblock mode for GT6

Gregtania 6

Compatibility mod for Botania, Garden of Glass, and Gregtech 6. Adds special Orechids and other flowers to produce GregTech ores and resources, and to enable progression in the Garden of Glass game mode.

New in Gregtania 6:

  • The Iridium-Plated Bore Lens can break almost any block
  • Bumblebiscus flowers turn Dry Grass Bales into random Bumble Hives
  • Stratodendron flowers can turn plain Stone into GregTech layered stone types
  • Evolved Orechid now turns layered stones into ores according to natural worldgen (including the over-under ores)
  • Evolved Orechid turns sand into magnetite-bearing Black Sand
  • Small Evolved Orechid turns stones into the most common Small Ores, but decays
  • GregTech tree saplings can be crafted using the Alchemy Catalyst
  • Gravel can be turned to ores by Orechids Ignem.
  • Ore weights are no longer hardcoded, but instead computed from the GregTech world gen parameters. Additional ores may still be added via the JSON weights config.
  • Botania pebbles are now replaced by GregTech pebbles, which can be used to craft stone tools
  • Clayconia Alluvia added to get early clay from gravel
  • Added 1:4 Blaze Lamp recipe (since Greg replaces the 1:9 with his own Blaze Powder block, and iron is a bit more scarce)

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