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Sounds like the battery history is corrupt, so either it’s a new battery, not been powered on for a while, battery is dying, etc… Should fix itself after a few power cycles in any case (though if battery is dying…)


My laptop with KDE just works well, It can remains open until 7%


I did not want to blame KDE, lol. I was very sure that it was a hardware issue, and hoped maybe there is a KDE setting to mitigate the wrong display that the hardware sensor causes. :wink:

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Woohoo my primary display has died, guess i need to go buy a new one now…

Typing on my second display is a pain because it intentionally was at a 90° angle so i dont see it while i am focused, but since all of my desktop is adjusted to the exact pixel, I am gonna have to adjust every single motherfucking program i use…

Anyways, guess productivity is cancelled for today…

Edit: Got an msi monitor now, 144Hz (if that is even possible with HDMI), curved and seems to be working fine so far. ^^


…so far…(excessive amount of periods for the character-counter)…


Yep indeed, I tend to use … as the typical “ughhh” kind of sigh.

Anyways after changing some settings, I now according to the UFO test indeed have 144Hz, and it is noticeable to my eyes in said test.


Interesting website, nice way to be able to test.