GregoriusT, real genius

Hello there.
Years has passed since the message of Mechaenetia was released… I still remember the expectation and solicitude in those days. These ideas are really inspiring and innovative, which led me onto the road of Rust. From Amethyst to Bevy, further and further.
The time passed by, and I have witnessed the developments of many games. From the earth to the space, from sandboxes to roguelikes, their unique ideas have made me astonished uncountable times.
Yet they still cannot fulfill my imagination. Surprised by Dwarf Fortress’s simulation of psychology and geography, I still found it not fully utilized. Interested in Oxygen Not Included’s resource system and roguelikes’ unique systems, I wonder whether they can be integrated…
Until now, when a game is going to adopt an advanced key-binding system. It suddenly reminded me one of the Mechaenetia’s ideas, which drove me to read it again. This time, I found how advanced it is. Some of the plans are still incredibly advanced now. For example, its random generated ores can create a bran-new world, bringing an unimaginably immersive experience. I believe that not everyone can conjure it up. Therefore, I can say nothing but: “GregoriusT, you are real genius.”
However. These ideas are hard to realize, just as they are innovative. Ranging from voxels and physics to society and civilization, plus with abundant complex systems like customized tools, unconventional world and other ingenious designs, it is nearly unable to finish. In fact, even nowhere to begin with. So, to be frank, I considered it as a mirage from the beginning. And it really is.
Compared with a prototype, I’d like to consider it as a chimera, a demonstration of genius, and a feast of imagination. Also, if I could be permitted to be a bit aggressive, I would say, maybe you can look to its plans and ideas again, and directly face it… To restart it or to discard it, rather than endlessly postponing it in the name of distraction.
Hope these texts are still polite… I’m not familiar with the etiquette of Germany, nor am I skilled at writing in English with politeness. Thanks for your tolerance.


Yeah I like Games with detailed mechanics and procedural generation, such as Dwarf Fortress. One should not be able to look up the “Story” of the World itself on google, since everyones World is different (with very few exceptions). This ofcourse necessitates an ingame Wiki because otherwise you simply cant find out how things work.

But yeah, I get distracted by a lot of things lately… not only did @OvermindDL1 start playing stellaris with me, i also ended up playing the roguelike Cogmind (which has a ton of unexpected detail).


It might goes beyond simply “distracted” though… I have been tried to do some development on it, in which I found it difficult to begin. The octree structure is hard to use—at least hard for me—and the genre of voxel game requires a high programming ability. Its complexity really discouraged me, and I believe that you have also been discouraged by it, whether consciously or unconsciously, which eventually leads to putting it aside.
Four years is really a long period of time… The last time I played Gregtech has been four years ago, and even Minecraft has gradually faded out in my life. And when they have become a kind of nostalgia, a complex emotion will emerge whenever I think about them, which is composed of the inspiration of their everlasting, and the sadness about Gregtech6’s elegant design with its inevitable adhere to old version of Minecraft compared to the vitality of GTCEu and GTM, which are based on GT5. Time can dilute everything, including the passion on ideas in the past, ultimately leading to giving up. Maybe you have also felt the forgetting and losing of interest to it.
But please don’t misunderstand… I’m not urging you, nor am I demanding for anything. I’m just discovered a note in the past, recalled an undetermined expectation, and, hoping to witness an ending. Rather than a suspense till forever.


at this point it really seems like mechaenetia will take forever +1 to release. There is just always something in the way, factorio, stellaris, dwarf fortress, cogmind, whatever be next. Waiting for perfection to happen will just lead to abysmally slow progress or none at all. ill still be here watching for progress, but honestly it just seems like a joke at this point.


On the bright side… i guess i’m learning a bit more about game design by playing games… yeah shit excuse i know…

Also yeah the “scared of starting” shit is real… should not have announced anything and just done the thing in the background…


Take as long as you need Greg, there is no deadline or requirement for you to work on this game.
Creativity and inspiration are fickle playmates.


The first step is always the hardest in everything. It is ultimately up to you and you only to take the initiative and keep the ball rolling from there.

A Life Lesson I’ve learnt many times especially recently. And I say this as someone who’s been through this, you’ll not regret taking the first step once you do so and go from there.


It seems like Notch has gotten the inspiration to make games again, it wont be minecraft 2 but i just find it motivating that he still loves making games