Greg6's lighting

what about glass then? you put glass down, you can’t pick it back up, that stuff smashes. You saying that’s bad for decorative players too?


Does it have anything to do with the fact that I want new lighting? :cry:
All I know is that if I have cool lighting, I want to use it.
It would be even better if we could make lighting as a way to use scarce resources.
New lighting doesn’t have to make torches unusable.


I was just pointing out how all their other Suggestions were pretty much Garbage, from a Minecraft perspective.

There is nothing against new Light Sources in general.

Was it Project Red or Bluepower which added Cage Lamps? Or did both add those?

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Is this what you mean by Cage Lamps?
I think these are from Project Red.

If you want to add lighting, it would be interesting to combine it with sensors to change the color from red to green.
I don’t have any color-changing lights at the moment, so I use the railcraft signals to show green when it’s running and red when it’s stopped.
If I were to add a recipe, it would be to use LEDs, electronic circuits, and lumium.