Got a new Canned Reply fresh from the Factory, Feedback appreciated

You have fallen victim to the Forge Monopoly Bug:
Go directly to the Main Menu.
Do not enter your World.
Do not collect 200 Blocks.

This particular FORGE BUG is unfixable and can happen with ANY Modpack and ANY combination of Mods, even if you just have Forge with no Mods at all!

There is no specific Mod to blame as Forge itself is the cause of all of this, do not try to mess up your Modpack just because you think it was installing some Mod that did it.

It is Forge that does this, ONLY FORGE, you cannot get rid of Forge unless you want to play Vanilla, you CANNOT fix this, it will happen randomly and it will get you at the most annoying of times, and FORGE ALONE is to blame for this.

The Bug itself happens randomly without any warning, and will throw you back to the Main Menu when trying to load a World in Singleplayer, giving you a severe case of Deja Vu!

You can try a second time clicking the World to load, but it will throw you back to the Main Menu again without any randomness this time, making you believe this is a Bug to be reported to someone!

You can even try clicking the World a third time and suddenly you will be able to enter it just fine, or at least that is what you will think at first!

Because that World you just clicked thrice is actually loaded twice and will stay and eat your precious RAM until you use Task Manager to kill it!

This Bug has hit Greg HUNDREDS of times without any exaggeration, and is reported frequently enough for this place to have this Canned Reply explaining it.


This has been a public service announcement by your (mostly) benevolent dictator, Gregorius the not so mild.

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God I’ve had this one more often than I can count, but the world usually loads fine at the second try (it does however reset my playerdata for some reason)

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Had this a few times, normally it’s a case of closing everything and starting again for me.

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Never had the problem on MP.

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Well yeah duh, its because the Singleplayer Server is fucked up with a Multithreading Race Condition that prevents you from joining the Singleplayer World…

Let that be a lesson to you to always play multiplayer!


Any clue what thread it could be? If it’s a race condition, maybe we could block one of the threads somehow, kinda like how Lego Island has a built in waiting period on startup to ensure that the data files are all loaded.

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Likely the thread that joins the client player to the client server. The problem is, the more Lag your Modpack does while launching a World, the more this Issue happens, which is why CoFH Core causes it A LOT.

I have been using a trick to solve that issue when you can not load a world. When that happens I just try to join a random multiplayer address, even using dirrect connect with a single number should work. When you click join then it will say “shutting down internal server” and after that it will say that it can not connect to that random server. Now you just go to single player and try to connect again.