Give some of the other materials a use before you abandon GT6

Too many materials (Germanium, Neodymium, Yttrium, Lanthanium, Selenium, Cerium, Monazite, Speryllite, Petroleum Coke, Rhodium) are pretty useless (or unobtainable) as of right now. Would definitely be appreciated if you were to give them some use before you ditch GT6.


Yeah Germanium already has use in case you did not notice. Neodymium is needed for Magnets, Sperylite is a Platinum containing Ore and therefore VERY useful already. As for the others, there is tiny uses for some of them but most of them are just as useless as their real life counterparts, so I have nothing to add for them. Try using those Materials for the Matterfabrication Stuff that way you wouldn’t need to store or void them.