Generic Recipe Pages

What I really can’t stand about GT6 is the abundance of recipe pages in NEI that differ just by the material weight (dust—tiny dust) or the material purity (sand—refined silicon dioxide). I would like to know what I can do with the material, but because of a few thousand recipe pages of concrete and c-foam, I can’t do it. How can I know there is no interesting recipe hidden among these? I simply cannot.

It would be nice if NEI displayed generic recipes for these cases. For concrete, it’s obvious refined rock dust, Ca(CO₃)-containing dust and ash. For c-foam it’s rock dust, SiO₂-containing dust and dried clay.

The NEI is the only source of knowledge when the “what can I do with this” question comes up, as there is no good GT6 wiki.


The Issue there is, if i DON’T include some of those Recipes, suddenly I get the reverse Issue of NEI not showing Recipes that definitely exist.

I tend to just unlock my Mousewheel and scroll at hyperspeed through the Recipes List, while looking at the pattern on screen until I see something different enough to scroll back to.


Oh, it can be scrolled? I didn’t know.