Gathering idea: solar boiler / mirror in GT6u?

Recently GT6u did a very experimental change regarding solar energy production which I temporarily reverted.

Currently my idea is:

I am against using the GT5u way which is boring and grinding. Also like @TeinFanshu has said, super high voltage in single block solar panels is not reasonable.

I currently think we can renovate the system by changing ‘LP’ into something more realistic, like IC2 Coolant. Some solar panels in real world collect heat to heat up the coolant in pipes and the pipe. Then, it transports the heated coolant to a heat exchanger to produce steam. The problem might lie behind this is that it might be too complicated.

Another way of doing this could be having a Solar Tower that collects heat with mirrors around. This requires some time to be implemented.

Others’ ideas can be read in the issue.

Looking for any ideas regarding renewing or diversifying a new way of solar energy utilization.

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One thing I noticed is that you supposedly made Glass Fiber Wires for Light Power, even though that already exists for LU. Why did that change require a whole new Type of Power with nearly identical mechanics?

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No, they’re not the same. This kind of energy is the radiant light energy of the sun, not the laser energy produced by the laser. Have you ever seen a solar panel irradiated by a laser to generate electricity?

In addition, I mentioned that Ga-As advanced solar panels have an output of 32EU/t, which may make the useless arsenic and gallium have certain uses…


That is kinda right, with LP comparable to Candela en LU being a focused beam, however LP and LU are still the same, being both light.

Collecting light using photovoltaic cells and transporting that to a single block is more magic than realistic and honestly does not make sense at al.

The most realistic thing that could work with this LP system are fosforescent materials.
[Phosphorescent - Phosphorescence - Wikipedia] Phosphorescence - Wikipedia