Gameplans: Updated Item Descriptions, Colors and Language Stuffs

Gameplans: Updated Item Descriptions, Colors and Language Stuffs

Items and their Descriptions

Items will have a Multi-Part Description to them, which is split into Categories (where applicable), and will be shown in the following order:
The most generic possible Name for the Item.
Each major Color the Item has. For example a Red Apple would have the Name “Apple” but the Color “Red”. Or “Yellow; Blue” for a Gold Ring with a Blue Gem. (I might find a better way to handle Descriptors than a Wall of Text)
A Warning Sign or similar if something is noticeably wrong with the Item. A nice example would be spoiled Milk, you will smell that it is spoiled right away and therefore see a warning for that. Your personal Stats will influence this Danger Sense.
The Label Sign that shows whatever is written on, lets say a Bottle for example. The Label can be written in a different Language and it also does not have to tell you the truth at all. Consumables will use the Label Field to show their supposed Stats.
What you feel the Weight of the Item to be. May be more or less precise depending on skill.
Description showing what you should expect the Item to be used for. It will not show the Stats of said Item in there, so that you can still trick people into consuming Poison for example.
Examples section that shows how you can actually use the Item, if it’s a more complicated Mechanism for example.
A Did you know? Section, where the Mod Devs can insert random trivia Facts. For example: Did you know that Lightning Rods in real Life could only ever produce enough Power per Lightning Strike to power a 100 Watt Lightbulb for about one and a half days? Yes it is that crappy!


The Color of Items will play a rather important Role in the Game, especially when distiguishing different Items from each other.
It will be possible to paint things in 4096 different named Colors. Some more obscure Names will show “Burgundy (Dark Red)” or “Gray (50%)” just to make sure everything is easily understandable.
There will be a Colorblind option during Character Creation, which will turn Color Desriptors into the 16 different shades of Gray just for you, because your Character cant see Color, not to mention the Game would even render in grayscale in that case.
Said Colorblind Character Option will also encourage making people design their Mods in a way that you can tell things apart in Grayscale Vision, resulting in the overall Game being more compatible with Real Life Colorblind People.


The UI of the Game should be easy enough to understand that even People, who dont understand a supported Language (but at least understand the Latin Alphabet + Arabic Numbers), or who barely speak English, are able to play without major Issues.
This means every type of Action and most Descriptors need to have an easily distinguishable Icon, so you can not only see on a quick glance what is what, but also don’t need to read to understand Stuff.
Ofcourse I will add Multi-Language Support in on itself (very likel via getText), but I alone cant translate everything. Only English and German can be made mandatory, simply because I know those two Languages. And I dont want to force Modders to have German Translations, so only English is guaranteed to exist.


Like Terra Firma Craft lol


Talking about labels, what about Temperature?


Temperature would also be a feeling, though it would be more of a hot/cold kinda reading, unelss youre insanely skilled.


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From a person who died in GT6 crucibles for at least 1000 times. :rofl:


Would love to help with Chinese i18n!:wink:


Yeah I could need some help with Chinese Locale along with other Locales that aren’t German or English (luckily there is quite a few Chinese, Japanese and Russian people here for some reason XD), I already try to make the Game have almost no Language needed to play it by mostly using Pictures and Numbers, but Items will have Descriptions and those cant just be without Language. ^^