Gameplans: Graph of Objects that should exist and have random Stats and everything

Lets see how well the graphviz Plugin on the Forums works. >:D

This is NOWHERE near complete by the way.


I don’t look forward to how big the flowchart is going to be if this will be completed.

Anyway, can you go into further explanation on the flowchart you posted please? I’m assuming that this is an illustration of how the ecosystem of a planet will be constructed in the game.


Yeah, I didnt even boil this down to attributes, but it will contain everything I want to procedurally generate and how it interacts with other things.

It wont contain the actual biases I want to put in place, like how the Sun decides which rough color most of the Leaves will have. (usually Green)

This Chart is more of a “Things and their Interactions, that Greg should not forget about” when I am doing work. Kindof like an Idea Sheet, but as a Diagram.


Perhaps you could have sub graphs. Making abstract graphs the further out you look.

Also, i get the feeling “planet” should be a child of “sun”. But that’s just me being me.


Yeah the current Version of my Graph has more generic words like “Space Object” for that, with Planet and Sun being sub-parts of that one.

I need to learn how to box certain things together, and actually box things like Plants together.