Gameplans: AFK Stuff?

So I thought about somehow adding limited automation of AFK-able and Time consuming Tasks

Early Auto-Manual-mation

Obviously being AFK can have quite a few ways to Auto-Farm Stuff, people will always AFK Farm if they can AFK Farm, so the best way to prevent that for Server Owners is just enabling certain AFK Activities.
These Activities will be performed while you are logged out, essentially making your Player Character into a working NPC. They range from grinding Levels to crafting Stuff, farming Crops/Animals or Mining.
During AFK Mode eating and sleeping regularily is mandatory for your Character (while you are logged out), but once that has been done, your NPC self is gonna be doing the other Stuff during your downtime.
You will be able to set percentages of Downtime Activities very precisely, it wont just be “One time and then you have to log in to switch Activity”, like when you AFK in MC.
This whole thing should also work in Singleplayer in some sense, that is if the Player decides to allow use of it. This would be pretty much like hitting F12 for skipping Minutes in Settlers.
I might limit this ability to 24 or 48 Hours, or just let the Server Admin configure a certain amount of Time which still will default to, lets say, 48 hours or so. Half that time is wasted on sleeping and eating anyways.

This is essentially like a lot of Online Games and Cookie Clickers might handle AFK time, but balancing it in a way that makes the game not just “log in, setup to grind shit, log out, let NPC grind, log back in but never really play”, like many shitty mobile Games.

Maybe also a System that awards possible AFK time depending on active play time, but then people would just AFK with a brick on their Keyboard and that is what i wanted to prevent.


I have a totally different way of doing it: to be able to afk, you need to find an NPC village and train someone as your apprentice. In the beginning, you’ll only be able to give him/her a single simple task to do, but as you progress you can give him/her written notes or a book to be able to do more things. And your npc will only be able to do things that you’ve done already, so they won’t be able to discover new things while you’re not there :stuck_out_tongue:


That is pretty much the same as my Idea but you need to train someone else to do it instead of just using your own Body that pretty much would be laying around useless while the human behind the Computer is not there. XD