Game plans and initial design

In past months, I have viewed several projects, and found that many of them are influenced by early versions. As for mechaenetia, it have an “idea page”, but some of ideas can make beginning harder. For an example, the “planet” and “octree” parts are highly depend on chunk systems, and it’s hard to design these system so early. So, Will you use “idea” as a strict guideline, or just let nature take its course?


Regarding the ideas you see on that page, this is just a set of ideas that Greg had. Not everything is guaranteed to be in the game and things could change when development actually starts.


Indeed I try to make it somewhat organic, and I might end up finding solutions while testing everything.

And some of the Ideas are even contradicting each other in some ways, meaning I need to somehow merge them together into a good thing.

I will also most importantly, try to not bake “arbitrary” decisions about balance into the whole thing, nor will I add real life Materials (except way later on maybe), because in GT6 both failed really hard…

Basically not locking myself down to “rules” that real life dictates, and take real life more as an inspiration instead.