Fishy crusher processing time

A bronze crusher requires 256 ticks at 16 GU/t to crush a single block of anthracite coal. It processes 4 blocks at a time, resulting in 1024 ticks (51.2 s). At 32 GU/t this should be 512 ticks (25.6 s) and at 64 GU/t 256 ticks (12.8 s).
Here are my measurements:
32 GU/t - 26 s + 4 s
64 GU/t - 13 s + 10 s
The first duration is the time it takes the animation in the GUI to finish, and the second one is the extra time it takes for the crusher to finish the recipe and start a new one.
If I remember correctly I’d already noticed this in my previous world, but didn’t post about it.

Ah… so what’s going on here? Why the extra time?


Uh why are you measuring in seconds please? If your Computer is not fast enough it might not do 20 ticks per second, I hope you know that.

And how are you even measuring it? Is the Power Source you are using REALLY 16/32/64 GU/t without any transfer Loss through Cables and such?

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I’ve redone the measurements making sure the systems are lossless.
1st system is based on steam power, axles, gearboxes, and a rotational engine, so there should be no losses.
2nd system: batbox->engine->crusher
3rd system: 2x(batbox->motor)->gearbox->axle->transformer gearbox->axle->rotational engine->2xcrusher
I also checked RU/t with a meter on the axle just before the rotational engine in systems 1 and 3 (64 and 128 respectively). System 2 works at 64 KU/t.

Measurements are performed via stopwatch.
1st system: 26 s + 5 s
2nd system: 13 s + 10 s
3rd system: 13 s + ~5 s

I noticed that after the first duration (animation) crushed coal starts to appear in the output. After all 4 stacks of 4 crushed coal appear (2nd duration), the crusher continues with the next recipe.

My computer is fast enough; I’m also running the server on a separate computer.


The fuck what? This is not even remotely how the Crusher works. It outputs all crushed things AT ONCE, are you sure you are not having the Auto-Output of the Crusher drop Items on the Floor somewhere, making you think it did not produce anything in the first run?

Your measuring must be off in some regard because the mechanics behind the Crusher dont work like you describe them. Please make sure that you actually measure something that is accurate and not dependent on whether you have a valid Inventory to output to or not.

Edit: there is also a TPS Sensor that you can place in World and will show you how many ticks per second your Server is running at all times.


I believe you can also use /tps for a current reading unless that’s added by a mod.


Alright, I created a new local superflat world, installed a screen recoring app, and recorded a demonstration.


Uhhhhhh how the fuck is that left crusher doing that, this should not be possible to happen at all… I need to test something…

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And its fixed Indev.

:gregory: This Version should be working for you. ^^

(note 1: The scary sounding Description is only there to make sure people don’t use that Version lightly.)

(note 2: if you use this Version more often, make sure your Browser didn’t cache the Download)