Fermentation time extremely short in barrels/drums when using funnel after fermentation starts (hyperspeed scotch)


This is a bug that lets you ferment a full drum of wheat mash in a few seconds. Steps to reproduce:

Take 2 drums, measuring cup, 1 tap, 1 funnel, soft hammer, magnifying glass

  1. Fill up 1 drum with wheat mash (example: invar drum 64000 L)
  2. Use tap and measuring cup to grab a few liters of wheat mash (preferably an even number of L)
  3. Place empty drum and funnel. Empty your measuring cup into it.
  4. Use soft hammer to seal the drum with little wheat mash in it
  5. Quickly empty your first nearly-full drum into the sealed drum
  6. Use magnifying glass to observe that time-to-ferment was not updated after the drum was filled with rest of wheat mash. (to get rid of the bug, drum needs to be picked up and placed again, which results in normal, long fermentation time)
  7. in a short time, the whole contents will be processed. The time for next fetmentation step to Glen McKenner will appear normal.

So the Sealed Drum ITEM form is still fillable/drainable? If so that is gonna be fixed. ^^

Edit: Yeeeeep I really fucked up that one. But now it is fixed, also the funnel fill and tap drain are fixed too now.


Thank you for the quick reply. Maybe after the fix I will finally have a use for the progress sensor early game :slight_smile: