Fat-Free Diet Cheese

Why cheese restores so little food (2) and saturation (1.2)? IRL it’s fat rich and has more calories than bread. I’m not that ‘pro-realism’ person, my point is that cheese is not that easily produced—milking can’t be automated, plus milk coagulates slowly. Yes, one cow can yield infinite amount of milk with no cooldown, but I think cheese can give more saturation at least.


And just now I’ve noticed that baguette that is made of 3 dough restores 8 food and loaf of bread that is made of 4 dough restores the same value.

And sliced cheese gives more food in total than the whole one, lol.

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Yeah, I think Cheese was balanced around the fact it was a topping. Either that or I stole Pam’s Food Values. XD

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World’s greatest mod dev :stuck_out_tongue:

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