Exploding boilers

Exploding boilers

When i use coke coal in burning boxes for boilers, pressure becomes critical and they explode, but when i use charcoal and usual antracite it works normally. What am I missing? First i thinked it’s a fault of distilled water, i use this not so long. I’ll try lignite coke too.


The Issue is your Burning Box is stronger than your Boiler is, or you simply dont get enough Steam out of the Boiler.


lignite coke too. Also i forgot to say I used valve for pipe after first explosion. And machines worked on charcoal with distilled water… i used two cheap barrels)
chromium box, chromium boiler, chromium engine, bronze crusher;
steel box and boiler, bronze (invar) turbine with bronze sluice etc.
Also machine break like as in excess of energy. (oh, my english…)


Please check the Tooltips of each to see if their Input and Output Amounts are matching. Boilers really only explode if you either run out of Water, produce far more heat than the Boiler can output Steam for, or if the Steam cannot go anywhere.

The Fuel you use in a Burning Box has absolutely NOTHING to do with if a Boiler explodes or not.

If you see your Boiler is about to explode, the worst case would be that you quickly remove the Burning Box itself, in order to prevent the Heat from getting into the Boiler, in which case your entire Setup is wrong and not the Fuel you use, since Fuel does NOT influence the amount of Output.