EU to RF help please

I’m trying to look in configs for overpowered stuff about a conversion if somehow I need use direct connect RF conductor to EU source

but I’m not sure whats correctly config I need for GT6. can you give solution please.

as I know this method bellow works fine for GT5
general {

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GT6 has sensible Defaults for such things, that is why there is no Config, any change in RF and EU ratios will end up making one side overpowered as fuck.

Power Balance is not as easy as just offering a Config for it, there is way too many things interacting with each other, such as Fuel Values, Conversion Rates of other Mods, Direct Insertion into specific Mods and more.

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okay. can i know whats do that ?


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That just enables direct EU to RF Conversion for RF things that I do not consider “Electric Flavour”

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in the final result.
I just want to be sure that if I will connect RF conduit to battery box gt6 or transformer or something, I will have RF
but how I can configure exact rates and conversion penalty
or no expansion for that?
for exmaple. simple situation
the mechanism was not positioned in the most successful way
if player’s in Hi-End trying to use DracEvol wireless relays for transmitting RF and easy connect that to power source, there is a need for inverse energy conversion from RF to EU

in fact, I just love gregtech mechanics.
but I did not find a way to transfer energy without wires to the right point within the tank
and the DracEvol mod provides this opportunity. and even use a star connection scheme

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You can transfer EU to RF just fine with that one Config, KU even always converts to RF when possible without that Config.

And if you want RF to GT6 Power you will have to use the dedicated Machines for that.

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ok. thx for info. but no RF to EU back with Gregtech ?

my coder friend right now working for that. and I will posting code for that sometime later. for community. if you don’t mind.
then others who searching about it can take that too

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That’s cool, though make sure the RF conversion obeys the conversion rate.

Also, technically RF is more ‘pressure’ type power (KU in GT6), not really EU, so you are somehow magically converting power types, lol.

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No “just uploading the entire Mod of someone else” like this, please.

Especially because I am not interested in making things work the way YOU want, because the things already actually worked this entire time the way I want them to.

You could have just used the Machines that are dedicated to converting RF to GT6 Power.

Did anybody test how they (verious RF to GT6 energy converters) really work with other mods’ RF?


Yeah shit is fucked up a lot in the RF ecosystem, so I did not test “much”. However it should definitely work, or else a Bug Report would be needed.

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sorry greg for that. im respecting your mod that why I didn’t touched that but just doing work on DE

I have no intention of promoting my line of play
I was just trying to make a working conversion RF = EU = RF = EU
no matter what sequence.

but first task was just = wireless transmitting energy because overmind told me Tesla coil is not good

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