Enderio on multiblocks

it is question about LARGE BATH and Enderio fluid Conduit

for make sure. i connected even directly fluid pipes to Controller. same…

I connected Enderio Fluid conduit to what ever side of Bath.
and it sucks only Vitriols. not water. for transferring to Small Electrolizer.

seems to Be that Pump GT6 does not too.


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Try draining the vitriol first and pause the machine process, to see if it just takes the first possible Fluid.

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as i can see.
GT6 Multiblock by SOME REASON ???
do not Emmitting all fluids at same time.

why. does that actually needed blocking ?
how to have x64 processing and still slower factory.

9X fluid pipes

i’am totally disappointed because I barely imagine how I can Filling up non stop Large Electrolizer for speeding up routine

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Regarding the question of why it is necessary to block the release of all fluids at the same time in GT6 multiblocks, it may be because releasing a large amount of fluids at the same time can overload the system and crash the server. Regarding the question of how to have x64 processing and a slower factory, I would recommend using different kinds of multiblocks that can perform different tasks at different speeds and efficiencies. You can also use automation and control systems to avoid overloads and machine failures.

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This one MIGHT actually be fixed now Indev, going to need to be checked but it should be working now.