Ender world minerals?

I couldn’t find the mineral table produced by the enderworld in gt6 of ftb wiki. Can you tell me what minerals come out of the ender or the link on which it is written?


Good question, as I also wonder where each GT vein spawns and their stats.
I think a mod that adds GT ore vein stats to nei would be good (or include the function in Gregtech). I don’t know if there are any mods like that for Gregtech 6. I’ve seem similar functions for GT in GTNH and Nomi-ceu, if you wonder what I’m talking about. In fact, I found a GT forum post about NEI ore plugin here:
If that’s what you need.
Just note that the mod seems to be pretty old and might not work.

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Duranium, Trinium, Dilithium, Platinum, Iridium, Tungsten, Tin and a few less important Side Products.

And if by any chance you meant the Ender Garbage Bin, that one only contains Items that got “deleted” or that have despawned.


And Naquadah? And also various Small Ores.
Seems that Tungsten and Tin generate together in large Veins(Kesterite, Stannite, Cassiterite, Huebnerite). Platinum Veins also contain various other Platinum Group metals like Iridium and Palladium. Trinium and Naquadah generate alone in large Veins. The other ones I didn’t pay much attention since they seem less important.


Yes and Naquadah, forgot to mention that one somehow…

Anyways back to playing the newly released Steam Version of DF.