Enchanting Table

Am I supposed to use it? I think it breaks the balance as it’s very easy to enchant vanilla diamond pickaxe with Fortune III. And why does my game generates all the vanilla ores? I just have a big vein of redstone, diamonds, gold and lapis. It is supposed to be? I mean I guaranteed to get diamonds from that ore as in vanilla MC. Also I have a vein of coal and iron.


You could just use gunpowder to make Boomsticks for a better Fortune Level. :wink:

I could do, but it’s much easier to acquire Fortune III pickaxe, so why bother? And that’s why I feel somewhat wrong. Is it okay that my world generates vanilla ores? I mean that I have just plain diamond ore, break it and you always get diamonds.

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Yeah I had to add the Vanilla Ore Blocks for Compat reasons.

Okay, so it’s legit to mine it.

And what about enchantments? Am I ‘allowed’ to use enchanting table? You created the mod, you know how it should be played. If I did the balance, I’d removed recipes for enchanting table or for vanilla tools.

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Pretty sure Vanilla Tools did get a durability downgrade, and you can still enchant whatever, not like its important.

The vanilla diamond pickaxe still has a considerable durability, especially if it’s enchanted for Fortune III & Unbreaking V (not sure if this exist in 1.7.10) and used only to mine appropriate ores. And moreover, there a diamonds in easy access and it’s guaranteed to drop a crystal. Isn’t it wrong?

I checked gregtech.cfg and found this:

general {

So this option doesn’t work?

So I found this mod, CoFH core, and I checked your config pack: there is a config for it, and there is Vanilla.json with empty brackets in it—I guess this one just removes vanilla ores. Should I install it?

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That Config disables Vanilla Generation of Ores, not the Ores themselves.