Electrical age compat

Electrical Age is a Minecraft mod allowing for large-scale electrical simulations in Minecraft. It tries to simulate real-life electricity as closely as possible (and therefore uses real-life energy units; it’s closer to EU than it is to RF). It would be cool if, for example, GT6 were to either allow that electricity as power input or if it had some kind of machine with which you’d be able to convert it to EU. Note: Do not get the electrical age jar from curseforge; there’s a much more active and recently updated fork on github: GitHub - jrddunbr/ElectricalAge: Electrical Age (ELN) is a Minecraft Mod offering the ability to perform large-scale in-game electrical simulations.


Do you have some experience with the Mod? I like the general idea of it but can’t imagine it’s really fit to simulate a more complex circuit accurately without lagging your world to death (at least my experience with dedicated electrical simulation software tells me this shouldn’t work well inside minecraft)


I bookmarked this for later reference. ^^


Okay, I definitely cant just power Stuff from this Mod. The Conversion Rates are way off. I would say just use the included Energy Exporters if you want to use it for Power Generation. I did fix Unification though, so you should be able to craft everything now. ^^