Dust Funnels can (when updating from an ancient Version) contain less than 1/72nd of a Pile of Dust


This is such a minor thing that probably nobody else has encountered it, but I feel like I should report it nonetheless, if for no other reason than to share a curiosity.

The world I’m playing on is very old and has gone through several GregTech updates at this point. One of the things that hasn’t been moved all this time is a Dust Funnel that collects ashes from various burning boxes in the vicinity and compacts them into Blocks of Ash. I made a mistake recently though and burnt Coal Dust in one of these, which produced Dark Ashes which didn’t go into the Dust Funnel because it contained regular Ashes. No big deal I figured, I’ll just go and monkey wrench it to output 1/72nd of a Pile of Dust and that should empty it out, right?

Well, not exactly. If you take a look here, I’ve set it to the smallest size yet there is still dust in the funnel:

This made me kind of curious so I took a look at the Tile Entity data with my NBT library, which gave me the following output:

>>> te.print()
TAG_Compound: 9 entries {
    TAG_Short("gt.mte.reg"): 3307
    TAG_List("gt.invlist"): 0 entries []
    TAG_Int("x"): -1458
    TAG_Int("y"): 39
    TAG_Int("z"): -771
    TAG_String("id"): gt.multitileentity.funnel.dust
    TAG_Byte("gt.mode"): 4
    TAG_Short("gt.mte.id"): 32704
    TAG_Compound("gt.materials"): 2 entries {
        TAG_Int("a"): 1458600
        TAG_Short("i"): 8200

After seeing gt.materials > a I remembered that you store material amounts as integers, and that those are based around a base material unit value (not sure what the exact term you use for it is). Then I remembered in GT 6.08.00 this was changed to be something different:

[DEV-NOTE] The Material Unit that is used as a base of the Material System is now a different Number, thats why major Version Number switch.

Which is probably why this happened - the base material unit changed but the dust funnels weren’t updated to use the new base unit.

It’s an easy enough problem to fix, you just need to break the dust funnel and place it down again to empty it out. Though, I could see something like this happening again if the base material unit changes again at some point in the future.


Not going to happen yet again, I had to change it for technical reasons (U * U was > Long.MAX_VALUE), which clearly cant happen anymore. :wink:

And here i was worried that somehow you managed to split a 72nd Pile of Dust like the core of an Atom. XD