Duplicate crucible alloying recipes in NEI

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Sorry for my bad english.
In the NEI, many metal ingots have duplicate recipes on the “Crucible Smelting” and “Combination Smelting” pages. For example, Lead Ingot has the following recipes: 7 times “Galena Dust to 3 Lead Nugget”, 7 times “Galena to 3 Lead Nugget”, 7 times “Crushed Galena Ore to 3 Lead Nugget and 1 Stone Dust” and so on. I don’t see any difference between these recipes. Lead Ingot and Copper Ingot each have 7 copies of each recipe, for a total of 84 Lead Ingot recipes and 378 Copper Ingot recipes. Scrolling through these recipes is quite tedious. Gold Ingot has 2 copies of each recipe, for a total of 10 recipes. Iron Ingot and Bronze Ingot has a different number of copies for different recipes. All ingots I have tested have this problem.


The Combination Smelting Recipes do not seem have any duplicates, but I do indeed see a ton of duplicated Recipes in the Recycling Smelting List… Why is it exactly 7… Last time I had that Issue it had an increasing Number with each lookup but right now its just a funny Number…

Though those Recycling Smelting Recipes are not there for showing how to obtain something. They are there to let you know about options. :wink:

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On the “Combination Smelting” page, Bronze Ingot has 2 recipes that come in duplicate: “3 Copper Dust and Tin Dust to 4 Bronze Ingot” and “3 Copper Ingot and Tin Ingot to 4 Bronze Ingot”. The remaining 2 recipes are present in 1 copy. There are 6 recipes in total. Iron Ingot has a similar problem.