Duct tape suggestion

Hi there!
Recently had to move my base, and using duct tape for item barrels and storages I just though “why can’t i use this tape to bond my GT chests aswell?” I mean thats definitely a lot of work for saving all this IDs with different mods and stuff, but would be really great, and also kinda logical :wink:


Yeah because Backpacks exist, and other Mods that let you then nest Items Storages within Item Storages, which can lead to not only overpowered transportation of Items, but also World corruption.

That is why I wont add anything of that particular kind of Item.


Agree, but how about ID check and work only if all the insides had GT nature? this is more safe and still very useful


No it’s not more safe. If “too much” data gets stored in the NBT for an item it can corrupt the save, it needs to be kept small. Backpacks and such things are not safe. Accidentally getting the data too big, though rare, does still happen, but it still makes it very very easy for someone malicious to destroy a server.

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