DuckDuckGo doesn't index the GregTech website

So when I search for GregTech in DuckDuckGo, it’ll return some random wiki and Reddit posts and a link to ArchTech on Curseforge, but not the official GregTech site.
Neither does searching for Mechaenetia bring anything meaningful.
Strangely when searching for gregtech overminddl1 it finds GTWW and Bear’s Den sites, but again not the GregTech one.


Just sounds like no one has searched for gregtech before on bing? DDG uses Bing behind the scenes, and searching for something on DDG won’t get it indexed on bing.

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I think the Issue is very recent, like since March this year.

DuckDuckGo has downranked a TON of “russian” websites, and this has hit a lot of random websites, in addition DuckDuckGo paused their relationship with yandex (for very obvious reasons), meaning they are basically 100% Bing now.

Now top that off with apparently Bing Webmaster having technical issues, because I had to refresh the Page to actually access it, and we get this Issue.

Oh also btw, just in case it was not obvious, Screw Putin!


I found the Forums on DuckDuckGo, kinda insulting to have it below @Bear989Sr s Modpack Website in the Results though. XD

But hey, my GitHub Project for GT6 is at the top of the List, so that is clearly enough. ^^

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