Disabling rocks autoplacing after dropping

Hey, guys
In old version (dont remember how old) dropped rocks still be… dropped rocks until vanishing like all minecraft items
Now my dropped rocks places back on ground (and pebbels/coins/etc) and this is annoying for me, while im prospecting ground for ores
Im just want to pick up rock, check what is it, drop, make waypoint if needed, rock disapears. And their no chance for cheking one rock twice

So, can I disable rock autoplacing? Cant find special option in config file? Or this is hardcoded?


It indeed is hardcoded. I cant think of a simple solution for this, since using Magnifying Glass does not prevent accidental duplicate lookups, and neither does just picking up a bunch of them and dumping them all at once help, since Inventory is limited…


Uh, ok, thanks for answer
I will get used to it
I mark your answer like solution, idk what I should do if there is no solution, but the answer is “u cant do this” and I need just close topic
Thanks for answer!


Yeah sorry about that one, sure I COULD ofcourse write something to make it configurable, but I kindof hoped to find a better solution than that. :confused:

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