Disable Vanilla Ores in Twilight Forest

In one of the last update the Vanilla ores in Twilight forest were returned. But there is not config to disable it again. Could you help with it?

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Iā€™m sorry but I intentionally kept those vanilla alike Ores in Twilight Forest. I simply had to get rid of the insanity that was GT5s old Ore Generation being inside Twilight Forest, so I actually carefully chose 16 GT ores that I generate there vanilla style.

If you want the old GT5 Ores I would recommend you to go to the Atum Dimension instead. It is a less populated Desert Dimension, which I decided to put most of the GT5-like Ores in.

But yeah, GT5 Ores wont come back to Twilight Forest, they just break way too much Stuff.

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