Dense stainless steel wall is made out of galvanized steel somehow

Version 6.11.03.

Also are there any chances to let large bathing vat works better, like if I do Aqua Regia to something that produces 36x platinum sludge groups, it only processes one ore per action.


Wait what? I thought I fixed it in that very version, guess I’m gonna fix it again!
Edit: 6.11.04 was already fixing that, i confused the Version, you should just update to fix it. :wink:

Also for the Vat, yeah the outputs of that Recipe are randomized so if the case of 36 REALLY happens which is very rare, it will have to be able to output that.


Updated and everything seems fine now.

So the vat only runs at its max efficiency (64x) when processing 1-to-1 recipes (e.g. Circuit soldering)?
Well I am fine with that but this sounds sad. :frowning:


I might find a way to improve that. So maybe it will work better later, but I am not sure yet.