Day 11 of posting a GregTech meme everyday: DOUBLE TROUBLE!

" Simple, minimal, bloat-free. Use your computer with ease* and Greginess today.† "

* GregTech InterGalactic™ cannot guarantee the ease of use of computers with ±0.007% accuracy.
† Chair, room, torches, desk and chest not included.


Wait a second, you didn’t actually pay for that Setup! Come back here, Thief!


Don’t worry here’s my GregoriusT NFT which is worth 600$ (should cover it and because we’re civilised so sales tax is included in the price)


I think you can make an meme “waiting for Greg to update to death” (he seems to have forgotten this… It has not released a new version for half a year, and I am still waiting for the aneutron fusion reactor).


Ahem i did release something in May as far as i know so its a quarter year!

And once my parents are on vacation and back from it, I will go to GT6 again, so stay tuned for September.


You still have a lot of things to do, so you’d better finish it quickly. I can’t wait (the texture of hydrogen power cell has not been added yet).

Some currently known problems that must be updated (of course, you may give them up):

Methane ice! (materials have been added from a very early time, but they are not available until now, at least 5 years)

Rebalance the naquadah reactor

Fluid regulator

Advancing of pinalite, russelite and stolzite (maybe you haven’t found a suitable method. After all, they are not worth mining in reality. Maybe you think it is appropriate to put them directly into the crucible?)

More uses of vibranium

Superconductor recipe(no longer makes Y-Ba-Cu-O useless!)

Current redundant materials (they can be obtained in the process of obtaining other useful materials, but they are not useful. The only use is for matter fabricator, but this is not a good use)
Gallium, selenium, ruthenium and rhodium

It has been 7 years since GT6, which is equivalent to μ’s From the s era to the Liella era, and until now, there are still many unfinished.


Take your time Greg :slight_smile:


Oh he’s not the one taking his time, Stellaris is.


Stellaris can take their time too.


And in a few days Food will take that place instead. Lots of things to try out while nobody is around to judge annoy me. XD

But after that I will go back to GT6. :wink:

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Every single day I’m checking downloading page for the new version, soooooo excited :wink: