Curious about ender garbage bin

What is a Server Garbage Dump and Garbage Dimension, how do I look at them and is there a way to get to that dimension or is it just an expression for something purely technical? Also, does it mean that everything I throw out gets stored somewhere, making it possible to bloat the save file (or retrieve the stuff)?


The “Garbage Dump” is a Block that can only ever be cheated in. It will emit all Items that despawn or get “deleted” by the Ender Garbage Bin.

The “Dimension” is literally just a List of uncapped ItemStacks and uncapped Fluid Tanks,

It is extremely unlikely someone would ever bloat a save file with that, since it only ever stores one (up to 2³¹-1 sized) ItemStack per unique Item Type.

So yes, you can retrieve a LOT of things with the Garbage Dump, which is why it is cheat-in only. Afterall it would be an arbitrary Teleporter and Global Item Collector. Imagine just letting Items despawn in order to teleport them Home.


Garbage Dump sounds like a Block to Rule Them All. Thanks for the answer, quite informative. o7