Crash with latest version of GT6U

I get this crash with the latest version of GT6U. I write to you since YueSha has no clue about the problem.

crash-2020-10-27_09.36.27-client (1).txt (27.1 KB)

He says that it should related with netherite+ and netherlicious.
I tryed the latest snapshot of the official version as well and it works fine.

If you have time to spare, could you have a look?


Wait @yuesha still couldn’t figure it out? Darn. Something about the Project Setup of GT6U is screwed up, because the lines of Code that do crash are identical to the ones that I have in regular GT6.

Oh, I think I know what might be the Issue. @yuesha did you actually put NEtherite Plus and Netherlicious into the Load Order on the GT6U Main File? Because if those Mods load after GT6U then ofcourse their Items wont exist yet, so GT6U needs to load “after:” Netherlicious and NetheritePlus.


I will take look at it, thank you! I might missed that during the merge.


Forgot to say, it is fixed now!