Crash with CoFH and Oredict

I’m getting a crash on loading into worlds in a modpack I made with Gregtech and Thermal Expansion among other mods, but the crash seems to be related to how oredicts work between Thermal Expansion and Gregtech. [15:28:43] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: Exception caught during firing event cpw -


That is a huge Bug within CoFH Mods, nothing I can do against them violating Java Standards, sorry that I dont have a Solution.


I’m able to run both with minimal error, but I believe I have thermal’s ore gen turned off. Perhaps these are the objects it refers to?

I haven’t checked my config for a long time but maybe you can look through yours and see if there is anything you can fiddle with or disable.


The OreDict does more than just Ores, it does basically everything that has Lists of Items.

But the Problem is the Item HashCode of Vanilla MC does not fulfill the Java Standard, yet for some reason Thermal Expansion uses that HashCode for something and that is why it crashes. This happens due to Item IDs changing and therefore the HashCode of Items changing, and if you end up with bad luck you will stumble into this Error, that cannot be fixed without either removing a Mod or restarting the World.


Mm I knew that the oredict worked on more than just ores but I couldn’t think of anything else I had changed that would have averted the error, I guess I was lucky then.

Would manually setting the item ids to a different value resolve the issue? I had to change a ton of other mod ids for compatibility between them and wondering if that could also be why I didn’t get that error. I left GregTech’s as they were though as a foundation, I don’t think i’ve ever touched your config for fear of something going terribly wrong. :laughing:.


Changing IDs wont help unless you know which Items ID is causing this. The easiest way to get this fixed is getting rid of the World and restarting the Game and then starting a new World, because then Item IDs wont be changed between Startup and Loading the World. So that could work in the end.

Or removing Mods until it fixes itself, but that isn’t really nice to a Worldsave, so better start a new World.