Couple of devices that might help things

Could we integrate the following devices to help with machine setup?
I have three I can think of at the moment:

Tachometer: a device for measuring RPM.
Newer ones use fancy electronics but older ones worked by resonance frequency, basically a bunch of tuning forks stuck together that vibrate at different frequencies.

Manometer: a device for measuring Pressure.
Its most basic design is simply a tube with mercury that is compressed based on pressure exerted.

Centrifugal Governer: For regulating steam.
Those little spinning brass balls on steam engines that act like a valve. Takes a bunch of steam pressure and allows only up to a set amount of flow to enter a chamber.


Also, attaching a thermometer cover to a boiler doesn’t seem to recognise it’s temperature, was expecting to to rise to 375 K give or take the biome. I take it boilers don’t give off a temp count?


Boilers actually store HU directly and not temperature, makes it easier on Maths.

The Gibblometer already does Pressure.

And yeah probably should do something to measure Axle Rotation Speed.


Right yes, the gibblometer. I’ll need to have a play with that.

Ah is that what they do? Yes that makes sense I remember I think the magnifying glass does say how much HU they have stored, that measurement makes more sense now.